Special Edition: Tibambinum

The dream: Jennie Smith woke up in a desert, standing in the center of an endless, cracked sheet of dirt so hard you could scrape your knees on it if you fell down. Above her, the sky was even blacker than her grandmotherâ??s skin, and the moon seemed like a hole carved into its clay.


This Special Edition Episode was brought to you by Pradeep Sanders. Pradeep, thank you for your donation.

Story Read by J.R. Blackwell
Written by Kathy Kachelries

You can read the story here: Tibambinum

365 Tomorrows

The Song for this Episode was Exciled by Solace off of their Album Ahsas. This music was brought to you courtesy of Magnatune. To purchase music by Solace, visit www.magnatune.com

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