The Final Voyage of Captain Shakespeare The crash was magnificent, heard three systems away and felt by half the galaxy. The other half were immediately informed via telepathy, televisapathy and tele-empathy, and felt as if they had felt it. Such was the impact.

Written by Jared Axelrod
Read by Rich Sigfrit, the creator of the Requiem of the Outcast , Mister Adventure,Behind the Parsecs, Cinemafreaks and Convince Me podcasts.

You can read the story here:The Final Voyage of Captain Shakespeare

365 Tomorrows

Special Thanks to Jared Axelrod and Rich Sigfrit for producing this audio story.

For more audio stories by Jared Axelrod, you can visit his podcast at

The Voice of Free PlanetX

This episode also featured "Glasrohrstuck" by Tilopa. More information and work by this artist can be found at
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