The Life of a Venusian Cowgirl The life of every Venusian Cowgirl is circular. Moxie was told this repeatedly when she signed up. To drive the point home, a silk-screened sampler saying as much was set on the opposite wall of the entrance portal to her new apartment. Moxie put down the boxes of clothes she was carrying, hooked her thumbs into the loops of her jeans, and stared at the imitation cross-stitch. It entranced her so much that she didn’t even notice her brother coming in until he started yelling.

Written by Jared Axelrod
Read by Mur Lafferty, the creator of Geek-Fu Action Grip and I Should Be Writing podcasts, the co-author of Tricks of the Podcasting Masters, and a columnist for various and sundry websites and magazines, information of which you can find at

You can read the story here:The Final Voyage of Captain Shakespeare

365 Tomorrows

Special Thanks to Jared Axelrod and Mur Lafferty for producing this audio story.

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The Voice of Free PlanetX

This episode featured "Dancing Backward" by Jami Sieber. More information and work by this artist can be found at
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