This Worlds Not Built for Lovers

This Worlds Not Built for Lovers

"I'm going to have to break this off, Siobahn." Rupert hadn't been looking forward to this, and the confusion on the poor girl's eyes only made it worse. He had chosen one of the more romantic dungeons to break this news to her, and that may have been a mistake.

Story Written by Jared Axelrod

Read by Paul and Martha, of the Balticon Podcast .For more about the Balticon Podcast, you can go here: The Balticon Podcast

You can read the story here:This Worlds Not Built for Lovers

365 Tomorrows

Special Thanks Jared Axelrod and Paul and Martha over at the Balticon Podcast for producing the audio for this story.

For more audio stories by Jared Axelrod, you can visit his podcast at

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